Making wedding budgeting easy, accurate, and financially responsible for all couples.

HoneyBud is a mobile wedding planner that couples can consult to learn how to optimally save and budget for their wedding. My partner and I created this for the Avocademy 2022 Designation in which we had one week to design an app that targeted either the fintech, the metaverse, or web3 prompt. We decided on the FinTech challenge and ended up placing first among 208 submissions. Click here to watch our pitch!

Product Designer
May 16-21 2022
UI/UX Design
Joyanna Jiang
Phoebe Um

Design Challenge

The FinTech Challenge
How might we explore how to improve financial literacy?

Ideation Stage

The first things that came into our minds when thinking about apps to improve financial literacy were informational apps surrounding taxes, stocks, general finance, budgeting, etc. Among those, we decided to target budgeting because as college students, we’ve had to experience our fair share of budgeting. However, we knew that budgeting apps are fairly common and wanted to create something more unique for the designathon and so when my partner Phoebe proposed wedding budgeting, I immediately jumped onto that idea.

User Painpoints
  • I don’t know what to set my budget at for the wedding and events
  • I have different priorities for which features are important to me
  • I want my partner to be invovled in the planning process
  • I am not sure how to finance and split costs with my partner
  • It is difficult to manage and track reciepts from multiple vendors
  • I don’t know how much I should be spending on each item

Because I was working with a partner, we implemented a basic design system at the start in order to maintain a unity between our designs. We decided to use a sage green color because we wanted the app to be generder neutral but still sophisticated in color and since finances/money is often associated with the color green, we decided on a soft sage green.

High Fidelity Screens

The last step to tie everything together was prototyping the screens. Through this, we were able to show how a user would onboard onto the app and demonstrate the questionaire process to help users determine their budget and financing plans.

Final Thoughts

Designing a wedding budgeting app was a very interesting experience and taught me a lot about the difficulties and struggles that couples go through while planning for their big day. Our app covers the basics of the wedding planning process but for future improvments, it would be valuable to expand its functions into including information and tools to help couples pay back loans after the wedding has occured to lengthen the user journey with our app. To diversify even more, we could modify the app to not only target wedding planning but also to allow for financial planning of any sort of big one-time events.

My partner and I ended up placing first out of 208 submissions and our final presentation can be seen at the link below!

Click here to watch our pitch!