A mobile application that makes people’s daily walks fun.

Pathway is an interactive map that curates alternative routes to a user's destinations based on their preferences. This project was completed in the span of 24 hours for a designathon called CreateSC hosted by Innovative Design at USC. We came up with this idea because walking is such an essential part of most people's lives and can often become extremely tedious and boring. We wanted to focus on making this enjoyable and exciting to help improve user wellness in both the mind and body.

Product Designer
Feb 16-17 2022
Adobe Illustrator
UI/UX Design
Joyanna Jiang
Lesley Moon
Allison Nakajima

Design Challenge

Design a mobile app that promotes and reflects the principles of wellness in design.

Ideation Stage

Wellness in design is a very broad term and could mean creating an app that centered around user wellness or could be any type of app that incorporated tools for wellness such as time limits, brightness levels, etc so we decided to blend those two directions together into an app that incorporates user wellness in addition to containing elements within the app that increased user accessiblity.

User Wellness Aspect
  • Walking is proven to help people live healthier lives including both physical and mental wellbeing
User Accessibility Features
  • Dark Mode
  • Color Suitable for the colorblind
  • Laguage Settings
  • Imperial and metric systems
User Flow

Because I was working with two other teammates, we implemented a basic design system at the start in order to maintain a unity between our designs.

High Fidelity Screens

The final step was to prototyping to create seamless transitions between the different screens. Because I was still fairly new to prototyping on Figma, the entire process was quite time intensive. However, I was able to progress and learn tips and tricks along the way that will benefit me in future prototyping endeavors.

Final Thoughts

This was my first 24-hour designathon and I had a lot of fun working on it. I was able to gain experience working with a team of other designers and learned how to effectively coordinate and create uniform designs through a well implemented design system.