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Innovative Design at USC is a student-run creative agency club. It is a team of designers, photographers, and web developers all working together to support other student organizations and professional clients in their projects. For the Spring semester of 2022, I was part of the marketing team, responsible for the new theme and graphics of recruitment and many other projects/events held throughout the semester. I worked alongside six other talented designers in creating Innod’s branding for the spring semester.

Marketing Team Member
Jan-May 2022
Graphic Design

Spring 2022 Semester Recruitment Theme

Each semester’s theme is based on a color going down the rainbow and this semester landed on yellow, specifically #FFF000. Wanting to produce something fresh and lively since it was spring, the first thing that came into many of our minds were smiley faces. I drew inspiration from my team’s initial designs to help create variations of a smiley face character that would later be used as sort of a mascot for our semester.

In addition, we had decided to go for a look that was less strict and neat and more sketchy and playful. This included having simple lines and shading that offeset the outline so with this in mind, I created a few stickers and also the semester logo.

Final Design System
Things I learned

The recruitment process has a fairly tight timeline because we had to have the theme and graphics ready before the actual club semester really began. Through this, I learned to work in a time crunch, churning out any ideas that came to mind before revising picking the final choices. I was able to draw inspiration from my teammates, building off of their initial ideas while adding my own concepts to create cohesive and collaborative designs. In addition to that, I found peer critiques to be extremely effective and learned to efficiently build on constructive criticism.

Fun Stats

The marketing team as a whole worked on a lot more projects through the semester in addition to the recruitment theme. I helped create social media posts and assests for the club's fundraisers and also CreateSC, a designation that is held annually by Innovative Design @ USC (I also participated in CreateSC this year and you can see my work here).

On our club instagram from Jan 20th - April 19th...